Pike Brothers History

The Origins

Two young gentlemen, Walter and Edwin Pike decided in the year 1883 to move from London, England, to the continent of Australia. In 1885 their textile business Pike Brothers, was first registered in the city of Brisbane. 

The Company grew within the first year, and by the turn of the century, Pike Brothers was transferred into a limited. By the early 1920s, Pike Brothers Ltd. had five men's stores in the most prominent Australian Cities. 

By the late 1920s/early 1930s, a delegation was sent back to London in order to buy all sorts of men's accessories as well as fabrics. In addition, a tailoring shop in London was established.  Here men's wardrobe was made as well as Unforms for the Armed forces. With the breakout of WW2 and the arrival of the US Military, Pike Brothers started to make Uniforms for US Officers.  

In 2008 Pike Brothers GmbH was founded for trading and selling for and in the European market. The Company's headquarter is based in Bavaria.

1885 - First Store Brisbane, Australia

1886 - Figaro and Punch Advertising

1947 - Pike Brothers Mailorder

1950 - Advertising

1950 - Advertising 

1965 - Pike Store Queens Street