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We are Pike Brothers

Authentic outdoor and workwear of the early 20th century

We believe that in regard to quality, traditional workmanship has prevailed. Only with carefully selected materials and a great deal of attention to detail are we able to produce garments that meet our very high standards as well as being unique in appereance and superior in comform and durability.

Our garments are more than the sum of fabric, patterns and accesories. They have a story to tell, the story of who they are and where they come from

Style of the week

Complete outfits from our current collection or some of our favorite items of the week!!

Mostly based of the season, sometimes according to the mood, or just put together our own style.

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Pike Journal


19. Oktober 2022

Armour Cloth - a very stiff but robust waxed c ...

The 1908 Miner Jacket was born during the golden era of gold mining in North America. Jackets of that era had a simple but functional design and were made to protect the owner from their daily work...

29. Juni 2022

1940 Chino Trousers – an everyday classic with ...

Chinos have been used since the mid 19th century. The British military started to dye their white summer uniforms with coffee and curry in their Indian colonies. This was done for better camouflagi...

4. Mai 2022

1928 Newsboy Caps

There is no image as vivid from the 1920th and 1930s as the newsboy with his cap and his distinguishing newspaper bag. The newsboy cap is one of the most characterizing accessories of that era. Our...